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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I really set up my event for free?

Yes, set up your TournamentCaddie event absolutely free. As an event organizer, we will never ask for your credit card.


How do you make money?
We charge a $4/golfer ticket fee. Along with credit card fees, this ticket fee can be passed on to your registrants or absorbed by event organizers (you decide when setting up your tickets). We don't charge a ticket fee for non-golf tickets. We also provide a few optional features within TournamentCaddie that are designed to further enhance your event or simplify administration.


Do you have minimum tournament size requirements?
No, we encourage you to use TournamentCaddie for events of all sizes. We'll support you whether you've got a few foursomes or a shotgun start of 36 groups with A/B teams on each hole. 


Can I create a recurring event or league?
No, currently we don't have plans to support recurring events or leagues.


Can I organize more than one tournament at a time?
Absolutely. As an organizer, you can toggle between multiple events within the tournament console.


I run an annual tournament. Can I replicate or clone it for next year?
Not yet. This feature is on our product roadmap and will be launched later this season. Follow us on Twitter for product updates and feature release announcements.


Do you have plans to support more scoring formats and games?
We provide event organizers with access to the most popular scoring formats. We will certainly add new features and scoring formats over time but are working hard to make sure our platform doesn't end up looking like a convenience store bubblegum display.


I have my own tournament website address (domain name). Can I use it?
Yes. Each TournamentCaddie event has a unique URL. If you already own a domain name you can sign into your domain provider and redirect it to your TournamentCaddie URL. Check out GoDaddy's helpful video or visit your domain registrar for specific instructions.


Can I create a personalized website address for my tournament?
Yes. We don't manage domain name registration but check out GoDaddy. Once you've registered your domain name sign into your account to redirect it to your unique TournamentCaddie URL. Check out GoDaddy's helpful video or visit your domain registrar for specific instructions.


Can I collect payment in my local currency?
TournamentCaddie currently supports transactions in USD and CAD. Follow us on Follow us on Twitter for product updates and feature release announcements.


Are my golfer's online payments and my account balance secure?
Yes. All online transactions are powered by Stripe, one of the Internet's leading payment merchants. Your TournamentCaddie account balance is also protected using OpenSSL and the AES-256-CBC cipher.


How do I view my balance or withdraw my money?
Your account balance is displayed directly on your tournament dashboard. Click on your balance to navigate to your account page where you can manage your tournament revenue and follow the on-screen prompts to set up your payouts. Event revenue is automatically paid out electronically to your personal or business account using Stripe. TournamentCaddie pays out 50% of your fees immediately as golfers register for your event. Your remaining balance is automatically disbursed on event day (we hold onto this to help process refunds if anyone can't attend your event).


Note: Stripe charge a nominal Account and Payout fee (for example, an event generating $10,000 in payouts would pay approximately $30 in account fees over a three month period). 


I can't accept electronic deposits, can you send me a check?

Yes, we recognize not all of our event organizers can accept electronic deposits or it may be more convenient for you to receive a check. Contact us when setting up your event and we'll make arrangements for a traditional, offline payment.


My event sells out fast and is months away. Do I have to wait for my money?

No. If your event sells out fast and you'd prefer to collect your registration revenue beforehand simply contact us to make arrangements. Please note; You may have to issue refunds manually if you don't have sufficient balance in your TournamentCaddie event.